Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Voices for Vermont Yankee:

A New E-Book

I want to give a shout out to Meredith Angwin, who has just published a new Kindle e-book called, Voices for Vermont Yankee, now available on Amazon.  The book consists of testimony that people have given in favor of Vermont Yankee at Public Service Board hearings.

Meredith is a fellow blogger and awes me with how prolific she is.  She, her husband, George, and others have worked tirelessly for Vermont Yankee, and have had a huge impact on the prospects for this plant.

I have been following her work over the last several years and have been very impressed at the thoughtful and balanced approach she has taken to arguing the case for Vermont Yankee.  I have been particularly impressed at how she deals with the various kinds of personalities active on nuclear issues.  I am therefore delighted to see that she has consolidated so much information in book form.

The book is truly a cost-effective investment for anyone who engages in discussions about the merits of nuclear power.  It costs only $2.99 (25% of which Meredith and George have pledged to give to the Ethan Allen Institute, an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization devoted to free-market public policy research and education).  It is a compendium of arguments for nuclear energy, in many voices and from many perspectives, so should be a valuable reference tool.  Meredith also hopes it will inspire others to take an activist role for nuclear energy.

Clearly, the book provides both a model for the types of actions that have proved successful and some of the facts that she and the others have found useful in framing their arguments.
On a personal note, I wish Meredith great success with this book.  In addition to inspiring activism, I am hoping it may inspire me to follow her lead and do the same thing with my blog some day!

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