Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Nuclear Song Revisited:

Lyrics to "Neutron Doodle"
By Request

I'm pleased to see that news of the posting of the song "Neutron Doodle" on YouTube, mentioned in my November 14 posting, has spread. As a result of a posting on Rod Adams' blog, Atomic Insights, one of his readers requested that the lyrics of the song be posted. I'm happy to do so. (ANS members may find the lyrics to all the contest songs, as well as MP3 audio downloads, on the ANS Song Contest page.)

Neutron Doodle
John McCoy (First Place)
"The atom's indivisible"
So said some physics factions
Bold Lise Meitner said "Not so!"
And wrote of chain reactions.

Want to split a nucleus?
Neutrons sure are dandy.
Mind the criticality
And keep some boron handy.

Enrico Fermi went to work;
He built a graphite pile.
The source of energy he found
Will last for quite awhile.

When you need 'lectricity
Uranium is dandy
When the fossil fuels run out
It's sure to come in handy.

The atom helps preserve our food;
It sterilizes suture,
Kills cancer cells. Who can say what
It will do in the future?

In medicine and industry
Radiation's handy,
In smoke detectors that are found
In homes throughout the land-y.

Utilities built lots of plants;
They light the homes of millions.
Tons of pollutants they've forestalled?
Why, that must run to billions!

For cleaning up the atmosphere
Nuclear is dandy!
It can bring us true blue skies
With clouds like cotton candy.

Accidents dealt us a blow
It's sad to tell the story.
But someday soon we'll build again
And rise to greater glory.

Everyone needs energy;
Nuclear is dandy.
Save, clean and affordable,
It's sure to come in handy.

Energy for great and small,
That's what the atom can bring.
We'll work until we reach that goal,
And on that we'll all sing:

Nuclear! It's everywhere!
Nuclear! It's dandy!
Working all around the world
For folks in every land-y.

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